6 things that you did not know about avocados

April 19, 2018

The avocado are the healthiest fruits that you can consume, it has a very agreeable and soft flavor, a tender and creamy consistency that they allow his combination with any type of food.  The avocado is the food that contains more protein, possesses vitamins of the groups to C, D, K and B, in addition it contains high places levels of fiber that helps to the organism to satisfy the appetite, avoids the constipation and regulates the levels of glucose in the blood.

To almost the whole world he likes the avocados, already it is to accompany a salad, in the roast meat, tacos, guacamole, liquefied or simply only and with salt. Many persons consider to the avocado as a vegetable, but really it is a fruit since his composition biological enters inside the family of the fruits.


The majority of the diets include the avocado for being a food with many advantage for the health; but there are some things on this wonderful fruit which I assure you did not know.


1.-  The avocados are a type of Berry.

2.- Contain Vitamin E that makes your skin radiant and illuminated


3.- Facilitates the blood flow to the brain supporting alerthness and focus.

4.- The avocados are free of gluten and cholesterol.

5.- is the fruit with more protein contains 4 grams more than other


6.- It has more potassium than a banana.



These are some things that I assure you you did not know about the avocado, as you can see it is a fruit that brings many benefits for your body, and it is a delicious food.
In addition, the avocado has other uses, for example, you can include Ahuacatlán avocado oil in the preparation of your meals, to give all their benefits in to your dishes, you can use it as a beauty product to give shine to your hair or in your skin using it as a mask.

Here we realize that the avocado is the best ally to keep you healthy inside and out.


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