Avocaderia in Brooklyn, NY.

May 15, 2017

“We’re not trying to make trendy stuff,” he says. “We’re making simple things you can eat every day.”

The inspiration came from co-founder Francesco Brachetti, a fellow Italian who has lived in Mexico and was impressed by the fruit’s flavour and health benefits. (Brachetti’s cousin, Alberto Gramigni, is the chef.) Using organic, fairtrade avocados from the Mexican state of Michoacán, the three crafted a menu of dishes that aimed to be healthy and appetising.

It includes several avocado on toast options, as well as guacamole and salads: a spin on Greek salad uses pistachio dukkah and sundried tomatoes along with the requisite avocado cubes. Currently, the only drinks are cold brew coffee and fresh juices, but avocado smoothies will soon be added. Despite what Biggi says, the space is as Instagram-friendly as the food. A green neon sign on the tiled wall reads “Smashed in NYC,” amid a cacophony of potted plants.

“Let it beet” toast ($6.50) hits all the right notes: creamy avocado, earthy beetroot hummus and tangy rocket on crusty sourdough. A scattering of spiced pumpkin seeds lends each bite a flavourful crunch. Customers can double up on avocado on any item for an additional $2.

One of the most fun things about Avocaderia is watching Gramigni assemble the toast, using tweezers to place garnishes atop razor-thin slices of avocado. Avo purists will probably go for the guacamole – creamy and almost sweet, with hints of lime and spice, and far too decadent to possibly be a health food.

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