The hands are say how much to eat

April 19, 2018

When we are on diet, we are worrying on the necessary quantity to consume and hereby to have a better control on our weight. The hand is a very useful tool to help ourselves to calculate exactly what our body needs, each of us is only within; for this reason we need different portions in our organism.

What is more recommended is to consume the quantities of food depending your body, the intention of it is to eat what your body really asks you, this way you will be able to support your suitable weight.  How to do it? Here we have a small tip that can help you to measure in the quantity of necessary food with the help or your hand.

  • The palm of your widespread hand is the necessary quantity that you must consume of meat, chicken or fish.
  • The top of the finger is equal to a spoonful, is the necessary quantity of fats that you must use in your eaten ones.
  • Your fist is the quantity of fruits, pastas and vegetables that you must consume.
  • Cupped hand is equivalent to the portion of dried fruits and cereals.

We recommend to you to put little by little in practical this tip in this way you Will be consuming what your body needs to be healthy.

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